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Aptly = PubMed + Google Scholar + Twitter + Facebook ...

The Problem: Staying up-to-date

The Solution: Aptly – A Personalized & Automated Web Syndication Service for Your Research

Personalized Web Service

Imagine your own individualized websitethat provides only relevant information you need to stay up-to-date in your research niche. Whether it is telephonic interventions for weight management in DM-II, retroviral treatments for Hep-C, or even bone marrow transplants in adults with SCD and chronic pain.

Automatic Intelligent Updates

Our service automatically updates every 15 minutes for only new relevant information that you are interested in. Aggregating new content from PubMed, ClinicalTrials, NIHreporter, professional organizations, news media sites (CNN/FOX/HUFF/NYT), social media accounts (Facebook/Twitter), and more.

Private or Public

Public or private is your choice. If you want to password protect the content so only those with the password can view the updates, or share it freely with as many as you like…that is up to you.

Embed Within a Existing Site

If you already have your own personal website, or even a laboratory or department website, Aptly can easily be embedded into the existing site. Check out this example 

Newsletter Updates

In addition to the website, you can receive updates when new content is found every day, every other day, or in weekly summaries sent to your email.


Zero Solicitation - No Ads

Aptly has has no advertisements, no marketing, no spam or links trying to distract or sell your something.

How do I get started with Aptly?

Step 1 Contact us:

In order to serve you best, we first ask you questions related to how you keep current with emerging trends, ideas, and tools within your area of research: What resources do you use? How frequently do you use them? What key phrases, words, or search terms provide you with the most value? Who are the leaders in your field?


Step 2 Development:

With this information we create the necessary backend code that will provide you with by the minute, hourly, or daily automated feeds of the information you require. Everything is displayed on a personalized website that we configure just for you. We host the website and take care of all site maintenance

Step 3 Production:

After 1 to 2 days of development you will have your own website. The style, font, colors, and layout are all customizable. Based on your preferences, the layout and order of the content is personalized in a way that serves your best. View your website from any device.

Step 4 Maintenance & Updates:

We understand that as research ideas develop, so do the topics and areas of focus. You can request as many changes to the feed sources and topic areas as you wish. Changes will be made within 48 hours of your request or sooner. Requesting a change is simple as clicking a button, and telling us what you want.

So what do you get with Aptly?

Your own website

Fully individualized to meet your needs

Automated updates

Unlimited changes to content within 48 hours

Dedicated tech support

Creation of social media accounts if needed (twitter, facebook, instagram)

NIH updates (PubMed,, NIHreporter, & more)

Your choice of professional organizations and journals

Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

Lay news (CNN, Huffingtonpost, NYT, & more)

All content is curated based on your needs

30 day money back guarantee